Sarcos is a leader in the development of intelligent microsystems that consist of silicon-based micro-sensors and electronic servo actuation systems.

Sarcos’ microsensors take advantage of physical properties encountered by systems operating at the microscopic scale. Sensors are being developed to measure machine operational characteristics such as rotary movement, strain, load, acceleration, and position. Fluid-based systems measure pressure, vibration, sound, and flow.

Applications for Sarcos sensor and actuator systems include automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products, instrumentation, toys, and manufacturing machinery.

Sarcos has also developed a number of application-specific Human/Computer Interfaces (HCIs) that permit an individual to be visually and mechanically immersed within a computer-generated synthetic environment. In general, Sarcos identifies all of its HCIs as individual portals or IPORTs. Four subsystem types include (1) mobility portals (MPs), (2) Sensuit command systems (SCSs), (3) graphic workstation interfaces (GWIs), and (4) dexterity masters (DMs).

Sarcos has developed many telerobotic manipulators which permit a human operator to achieve dexterous manipulation in remote or hazardous environments. These systems are based on proprietary actuation, sensor, and control technologies developed by Sarcos