Sarcos History

Who We Are:
In the last 25 years, The Sarcos Team has become a research and development
leader in designing and building:
• Advanced robotic systems for industry and entertainment
• Medical devices including artificial limbs and vascular systems
• Mechanical and Electrical Microsystems for practical applications

Our Unique Strengths:
Sarcos companies integrate from two divergent perspectives:
Biological and Engineering. The result is seen by advances such as
mechanical systems with a “human” level of dextrous control.

Our Focus:
Sarcos designs and produces specialized systems to fill the specific
needs of our customers. We routinely develop and integrate new
technologies to provide solutions of premiere quality.

Our Reputation:
Resulting from our ability to apply and deliver where no one else can,
Sarcos has a strong reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented
technology group..

Sarcos Corp. is a global leader in the commercialization of robotics, micro-systems, and sensor technologies for use in the healthcare, life sciences, telecommunications, robotics, defense, and entertainment industries. Sarcos is developing revolutionary products to improve health, safety, and quality of life.

Past Projects

The exoskeletal Iron Man-like robotic suit, XOS-2, named as one of The 50 Best Inventions by Time Magazine
Tele-operated and autonomous robots such as the Dextrous® Arm and the advanced snake robot tested by the U.S. Navy
Humanoid and playback robots such as robotic dinosaurs for Universal Studios’ Jurassic Park ride, more than 90 humanoid robots for Disney theme parks, as well as Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel’s moving fountains, the largest robotic system ever built
The first “wearable” personal status monitor system developed for the battlefield
A new class of micro-machined guidewire and micro-catheters for interventional medical procedures (acquired by Boston Scientific)
Virtual reality training, gaming and fitness systems such as the Sarcos Treadport®

2007 Acquisition

In 2007, Raytheon acquired the Sarcos business, which has a history of developing technologies in partnership with, and for, government agencies such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T, Boeing, Ford, Merck, and Xerox PARC, and universities such as MIT and Carnegie Mellon. With cumulative revenues in excess of $350 million, and the spinout of four technology companies, Sarcos engineers have a proven track record of creating and commercializing relevant technologies with practical applications.

2014 Acquisition

In 2015 Sarcos LC (“Sarcos”) announces that it has completed the acquisition of the Raytheon Sarcos unit of Raytheon, a leading developer of robotics and micro-electro-mechanical technologies. The new Sarcos, backed by a consortium led by former Raytheon Sarcos President Dr. Fraser Smith and technology and telecom entrepreneur Ben Wolff, continues to be based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Smith will serve as the new company’s chief executive officer and president, while Wolff will serve as chairman.
“For the past seven years, Sarcos has been solely focused on developing cutting edge technologies used by governmental agencies, “ said Sarcos President and CEO Smith. “With this acquisition, we are able to refocus the business to commercialize our past innovations, while developing new products for solving global challenges as they relate to robotics, medical devices, and the Internet of Things.”