Guardian XO

Guardian XO®

Meet Guardian XO®

Based on an early prototype which was recognized as one of the world's top innovations, the Guardian XO® is a powered, untethered, industrial exoskeleton suit that improves human strength and endurance without restricting the operator’s freedom of movement.

Born of a fundamental need to work more efficiently while preventing injury, the Guardian XO® is the perfect synergy of man and machine and will revolutionize the way work gets done.

Realizing the Future of Human Potential™

Coming soon.

Enhanced Possibilities

Born of a fundamental, practical need to work more efficiently, prevent injury and realize the future 
of human potential

Unrivaled Technology

Built from a combination of advanced materials, actuators and sensors, with sophisticated software control algorithms

Strength & Endurance

Safely, comfortably and easily lift 200 lbs./90 Kg. repeatedly without exertion, strain or injury

Revolutionary Capabilities

Equipped with scaled dexterous end effectors and force feedback features operator can perform highly precise tasks with heavy tools or components