A versatile snake robot that masters tough terrain and climbs metal walls

Source: IEEE Spectrum  | Last week, a visitor slithered through the IEEE Spectrum office. The robotics company Sarcos had brought around its new snake robot, the Guardian S, to show off its moves. While it performed its tricks—shimmying sideways, rolling over, rearing up, and even sliding its magnetized body straight up a metal door—an impressed staff […]

Sarcos Robotics and Microsoft develop AI robot

  Source: The Record  | US industrial robots manufacturer Sarcos Robotics is collaborating with Microsoft to provide customers with a ‘Robot-as-a-Service’ offering. For a monthly fee, customers can make full use of the Guardian S – a surveillance and inspection robot, which uses Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure IoT Suite and is remotely controlled by a […]

Guardian S Snake Robot for Inspection Tasks

Source: Gadgetify.com  | Meet Guardian S from Sarcos Robotics: a snake robot for surveillance and inspection jobs. It weighs 13 lbs and can reliably traverse difficult terrain. It also features two-way video and audio. The robot is waterproof and can navigate confined spaces with no problem. Read full article on Gadgetify.com

Sarcos Unveils Revolutionary Robotic Mobile IoT Platform for Global Industrial and Public Safety Markets

Integrates with Microsoft Azure Cloud Technologies for Inspection, Surveillance and Non-Destructive Testing SALT LAKE CITY and BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 24, 2017 – Sarcos® Robotics, a leader in dexterous, tele-operated robots designed for use in unpredictable and unstructured environments, today announced the availability of its Guardian™ S robotic mobile Internet of Things (IoT) platform, aimed […]

Sarcos builds robot snakes and “Edge of Tomorrow”- like Exo Suits

Source: ITechPost.com  | A robotics company has developed some devices that will help humans accomplish tasks that would normally be difficult to achieve. Those devices include a robot snake, an exo-suit and robotic arms. Sarcos Robotics is in the process of developing and manufacturing a trio of innovative machines that may change the course of espionage, […]

The Hardiman strikes back: The age of robotic snakes and dexterous exoskeletons is here

Source: GE Reports  | Fifty years ago, GE engineer and robotics pioneer Ralph Mosher presented a groundbreaking paper at the Automotive Engineering Congress in Detroit. “Man and machine can be combined into an intimate, symbiotic unit that will perform essentially as one wedded system,” he wrote. “The adaptive, reflex control of man can be transmitted […]