How IoT and Data Analytics Can Improve Worker Safety, Reduce Asset Downtime

Source: / Kristi Martindale – November 29, 2018 The Cost of Unplanned Downtime As the single largest source of productivity loss, plant downtime is often a critical challenge for manufacturers. Moreover, while many things can lead to downtime, unplanned equipment failures and breakdowns can be especially visible and costly. According to a GE Service Max research report […]

Powered Exoskeletons: The Superhuman Solution to Manufacturing’s Very Human Issues

Source: New Equipment Digest / John Hitch / November 28, 2018  Encroaching automation. The skills gap. The opioid epidemic. These are real problems the first legitimate power-amplifying exoskeleton could take on when it’s released in a little over a year. When we’ve covered exoskeletons in the past, the stories always come with the caveat that these wearable machines […]

Hardhat required: A full-body, industrial robot that’s nearly ready for the job site

Source: ZDNet / Greg Nichols / November 28, 2018  How can this hulking robot operate eight hours on a single charge? If my power consumption hunch is correct, this could be the industrial exoskeleton that changes how we build stuff. Salt Lake City-based Sarcos Robotics, which makes robots that augment human capabilities in industries like construction, public safety, and […]

Sarcos Achieves Unprecedented Power Performance Overcoming Major Obstacle to Commercial Deployment of Full-Body, Powered Industrial Exoskeletons

Significant Improvements in Power Consumption, Control System Functionality and Load Transfer Put Sarcos on Track for Commercial Release of Guardian™ XO® Max Robot in Late 2019  SALT LAKE CITY and BELLEVUE, Wash. – November 28, 2018 – Sarcos® Robotics, a global leader in robotic systems that augment, rather than replace humans working in the industrial, public […]

Researchers study Iron Man-like exoskeletons to improve worker productivity, safety, and well-being

Source: Virginia Tech Daily / Linda Hazelwood – October 17, 2018 Over the next decade, American manufacturers are facing an industrial skills gap with projections of 2 million manufacturing jobs going unfilled due to a lack of qualified and skilled applicants. A large portion of the current manufacturing workforce is nearing retirement age and younger […]

5 Key Reasons To Use Robotics In Industrial Inspections

Source: IDC / John Santagate – September 14, 2018 Industrial inspections, regardless of the reason for inspection, can be a very dirty and dangerous job. While not necessarily dull, industrial inspections definitely cover 2 of the 3 D’s of robotics deployment (dull, dirty, and dangerous). Industrial inspections can range from inspecting operational assets and operational facilities to […]

Sarcos Robotics Awarded Second Exoskeleton Development Contract for United States Air Force Logistics Applications

SALT LAKE CITY and BELLEVUE, Wash. – August 13, 2018 Sarcos® Robotics, a global leader in the production of full-body exoskeleton robots for industrial and military applications, today announced that it has been awarded a second exoskeleton development contract from the United States Air Force. The first contract, awarded last year, focused on quasi-powered, full-body exoskeleton […]

Preventing Injury in the Workplace

How Powered, Full-Body Exoskeletons Can Improve Spine Health Source: Occupational Health and Safety | Safe Lifting for Health Care One industry in particular that is likely to benefit from powered, full-body exoskeleton technology in the near future is health care. The number one risk for occupational back pain is patient handling, and the cost to have […]