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How Sarcos Defense Brings Safety and Endurance to Robotics in the Armed Forces

You could wait for your whole life to win an award for inventing something that lets one person safely do the work of about four people. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait a whole lifetime, thanks to the solid progress Sarcos Robotics and Sarcos Defense have made with the Guardian® XO® full-body, powered exoskeleton. In […]

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Sarcos Buying Fellow Robotics Firm RE2 in $100 Million Deal

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Wearable robot company marches to big raise

Source: Before industries go fully robotic, we’re going to see some unique man-machine mashups. There’s are two reasons I’ve written glowingly about a Utah-based robotics company called Sarcos, which just locked in an additional $40M in Series C funding. The first is the company’s pragmatic approach to becoming a key automation supplier in the near-term. While some […]

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The Guardian® XO® Robotic Exoskeleton Takes the Tech Industry by Storm

Following 20 years of hard work and groundbreaking advances in technology, Sarcos Robotics reached a historic milestone as we debuted the Guardian XO full-body exoskeleton robot at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, the global stage for innovation. During CES 2020, which took place Jan. 7 – 10, we showcased the first public display and demonstration of […]

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Sarcos Robotics Partners with Delta Air Lines to Bring First Public Demonstration of Guardian XO Full-Body, Force-Multiplying Industrial Exoskeleton Robot to CES 2020

Delta is first airline to explore first-of-its-kind wearable robotic exoskeleton to bolster employee strength and safety LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2020 – Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) is partnering with Sarcos Robotics to explore new employee technology fit for a superhero – a mobile and dexterous exoskeleton designed to boost employees’ physical capabilities and bolster […]

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Delta Airlines plans to equip employees with these powerful robotic exoskeletons

Source: Digital Trends / January 7, 2020 Whether it’s heavy luggage or fully laden planes that can weigh in excess of 100,000 pounds, working for an airline can involve shifting some pretty sizable weight. Could robot exosuits help make everything a little bit easier? That’s what Delta, one of the biggest airlines in the United […]

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Can the Guardian XO Exoskeleton Save Your Back and Joints?

Source: PCMag / S.C. Stuart – December 10, 2019 The Guardian XO robotic exoskeleton from Sarcos merges man with machine, giving the person inside super-human strength and reducing wear and tear on the body. On a recent visit to the Salt Lake City headquarters of robotics firm Sarcos, I strapped on a crash helmet, safety glasses, protective […]

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Guardian XO: A powered exoskeleton that makes you 20 times stronger

Source: CNET / Lexy Savvides – December 10, 2019 Superhuman strength is now possible for us mere mortals. Imagine lifting 100 pounds as though it were only five. That’s the promise of the Guardian XO, a wearable robot that helps you lift heavy objects without straining or injuring your body. Bonus? It looks like a super […]

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Sarcos Demonstrates Powered Exosuit That Gives Workers Super Strength

Source: IEEE Spectrum / Evan Ackerman – December 10, 2019 It won’t make you look like Iron Man but the Guardian XO allows you to lift 200 pounds without breaking a sweat One year ago, for IEEE Spectrum’s special report on the Top Tech for 2019, Sarcos Robotics promised that by the end of the year they’d be ready to […]

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Sarcos Robotics Begins Delivery of Guardian XO Full-Body, Force-Multiplying Industrial Exoskeleton Alpha Units

Industrial and Military Customers to Receive the First Guardian XO Alpha Units in January 2020 SALT LAKE CITY—December 10, 2019—Today, Sarcos Robotics, a global leader in the production of robots that augment humans to enhance productivity and safety, has unveiled the Alpha version of its Guardian® XO® full-body, powered industrial exoskeleton. The Guardian XO is […]

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