The 11 best, worst, and weirdest robots of 2017

Source: The Verge |

2017: bad in general; pretty good for robots. That’s my summary anyway, and while I understand if you feel like I’m glossing over one or two important events, I would ask you to remember what those important events actually were. Not great, right? Best to concentrate on those bots, a least for a little while.

Without further ado, here’s The Verge’s inaugural Robots of The Year awards.

Henchest: the Guardian GT

The Guardian GT looks like it just rolled off the set of a Hollywood blockbuster and is about to be tossed a towel to wipe down its Huge Arms. It was built to help with heavy lifting on construction sites, and is capable of bench-pressing 1,000 lbs. But although it’s certainly physically imposing, the clever thing about the Guardian GT is its control system. An operator wears little miniature arms that let them work the GT like a puppet, and, because the robot’s arms are perfectly scaled up from a human’s, movement feels natural and seamless.

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