Meet the company building robots to augment – not replace – humans

Source BGR, November 29, 2017 |

If you believe the hype, many of us — maybe even most of us — are in danger of eventually finding ourselves made redundant by faster and more efficient machines, reduced to taking whatever jobs robots can’t do or can’t yet do better than a human. Just accept it, say so many academics, technologists and leading edge thinkers. It’s the reality that’s coming.

And then there’s Sarcos, a Salt Lake City-based robotics company that has, well, a different idea about the way things ought to be.

Sarcos, in short, is an enterprise that’s building exoskeletons and human-scale robots that are meant to augment — not replace — humans. Think, moving heavy steel beams in a shipyard or deconstructing a disaster facility or even going in to a hazardous site to turn valves to shut down fuel or other instruments. The company, from CEO Ben Wolff on down, sees its mission as using robots and exoskeletons to save lives and prevent injury in the workplace.

“We want to make peoples’ lives better,” Wolff tells BGR. “We want to keep them from getting injured in the first place. And we want to give employers and their workers the ability to be more productive and efficient in their daily jobs without needing to replace human beings with robots.

“There’s a whole industry out there focused on making robots that will replace human workers. And we’re trying to swim up against that stream. We say, no, let’s create more jobs by merging the best of both worlds. Merging what humans are good at it – which is the way we think through things — with enhanced strength and endurance and the precision of machines. You do that, and I think we’re actually creating jobs rather than taking them away.”

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