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Robotic exoskeleton “Guardian XO” purchased by U.S. Navy

Source: Slash Gear / Matthew DeCarlo – March 21, 2019 The U.S. Navy has partnered with a robotics company to augment the physical capabilities of workers at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, a maintenance facility located in Washington state. Sarcos Robotics has been granted a contract by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to deliver a […]

XO-rbitant Strength: Electric Exoskeletons Give Wearers The Strength Of A Forklift But A Gentler Touch

Source: GE Reports / Fred Guterl – February 13, 2019 In popular culture, automation is generally synonymous with putting people out of work. But in real life it can do the opposite, making workers more effective at the jobs they already have. That’s the case with a full-body exoskeleton under development at Sarcos Robotics, which expects to release […]

Are Human Robots the Future of Construction?

Source: / Kimberly Hegeman – January 30, 2019 Autonomous vehicles, brick laying robots…human robots? Ok, so it’s not exactly a human robot, but it is forward thinking technology that uses robotics tag teaming with a human worker to improve productivity and reduce worker fatigue. That’s how I would describe the Sarcos Guardian XO and XO MAX […]

The Future of Everything: Industrial Exoskeletons Give Workers a Lift

Source: Wall Street Journal / Leigh Kamping-Carder – January 17, 2019 In the weld shop of Toyota Motor North America’s 1.8-million-square-foot plant in Woodstock, Ontario, amid the clanking of robotic arms and the occasional spray of sparks, two workers inspect the steel frame of a future RAV4. The men raise their arms overhead as they move […]

Company Offers Exoskeleton With Upgraded Power

Source: National Defense Magazine / Mandy Mayfield – January 28, 2019 Sarcos Robotics announced a new battery-powered robotic suit that can operate using lithium-ion batteries and enable the wearer to lift up to 200 pounds for several hours. The Salt Lake City-based company, which has spent 17 years and invested more than $175 million in exoskeleton research […]

Exoskeleton suit allows construction workers to lift 200 lbs

Source: Construction Dive / Laurie Cowin – January 9, 2019 Dive Brief: Sarcos Robotics recently announced technology advancements to its Guardian XO Max full-body, all-electric, battery-powered industrial exoskeleton robotic system that is capable of allowing a human operator to safely lift and manipulate up to 200 pounds, the company said. A single charge lasts for up to eight […]

Industrial robotic exoskeleton — the best of human and machine combined

Source: Daily Commercial News / Angela Gismondi – January 9, 2019 An American robotics company has developed an all-electric, battery powered, full-body industrial exoskeleton robotic system that aims to improve safety, productivity and efficiency for workers in the construction industry. The Guardian XO Max exoskeleton robot, developed by Sarcos Robotics, will enable the human operator to safely lift and […]

Bionic construction workers may enter job sites by 2020

Source: The Architects Newspaper / Ali Oriaku – December 27, 2018 Within the next two to three years, wearable technology products may become ubiquitous features of the construction job site, increasing worker safety and productivity. Sarcos Robotics, an American robotics company that specializes in creating mechanical devices for military and public safety purposes, has unveiled its robotic exoskeleton design that allows its operator to […]

US robotics firm introduces full-body exoskeleton

Source: The Construction Index / David Edwards – November 30, 2018 US-based Sarcos Robotics has introduced an all-electric, battery-powered, full-body industrial exoskeleton that it said can allow a human operator to lift and manipulate up to 90kg for extended work sessions. The company plans to start shipping the Guardian XO Max to customers in early 2020. It will be […]

Sarcos Robotics says it has overcome ‘major obstacle’ to commercial deployment of its exoskeletons

Source: Robotics & Automation News / David Edwards – November 29, 2018 Sarcos Robotics says it has overcome a “major obstacle” to the commercial deployment of its exoskeletons. Sarcos says a number of significant technology advancements for its highly anticipated Guardianä XO Max full-body, powered industrial exoskeleton robotic system. The company, which plans to start shipping the Guardian XO […]