Using this robot gives you monstrously powerful mech arms

Source:  The Verge  |

What has two seven-foot arms and can bench press 1,000 lbs of radioactive waste? This guy: the Guardian GT. It’s the creation of robotics company Sarcos, and is, frankly, one of the best bots we’ve seen so far in 2017. It’s been under development for years but is now available for customers to order for an undisclosed amount.

The Guardian GT looks immense, but its real selling points is its dexterity. Two sensitive controllers are used to guide the huge robot arms, which follow the operators’ motions precisely. To get a closer look at the action, video feed from a camera mounted on top of the Guardian GT is sent to a headset worn by the operator. And the controllers also include force feedback, so the controller gets an idea of how much weight the robot is moving. Each arm can pick up 500 lbs independently.

Source:  The Verge