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This robot will give human workers superhuman strength

Source: CNBC     | Most of the tech industry is focused on using AI to replace human tasks, but one Utah-based robot maker is taking a different approach by putting human operators at the forefront of its products. “To err may be human, but it’s really, really difficult to get a robot to be able to do […]

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2017 was the year the robots really, truly arrived

Source: WIRED | The world seemed different this year, yes? Like something strange has been walking and rolling among us? Like we’re now sharing the planet with a new species of our own creation? Well, we are, because 2017 was the year that the robots really, truly arrived. They escaped the factory floor and started […]

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Acceleration of Technology Ushers in Robotics of the Future

—Kristi Martindale, Chief Marketing Officer Sarcos Robotics The entire field of technology has changed dramatically across all sectors in the last decade. Yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a category that has evolved as rapidly as robotics, particularly over the past 18 months. While early robotic systems could only operate in specific environments, were designed […]

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Modern Human Evolution: Are Superhumans the Next Iteration?

Source: NOW | Superpowered people. There’s a collective human fascination about the possibility, from the scores of sci-fi-driven movies hitting screens worldwide to the more rigorous scientific inquiry that aims to extend lifespans, cure diseases and enhance basic biological functions. When it comes to modern human evolution, have we reached the end of the line? […]

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Robot as a Service

A revolutionary approach to workplace safety and efficiency is now within reach. Employ full use of the Guardian™ S robot for a monthly fee that includes service, training and software upgrades.

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Ben Wolff Keynote

3/21 10:40 am

Scottsdale. AZ


Demo in the ADS booth

5/1 - 5/3

Denver, CO


Live demos at the event

4/17 - 4/18

San Diego, CA