Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Sarcos Robotics, a global leader in highly dexterous mobile industrial robotic systems, is enabling the workforce of the future with solutions that enhance productivity, reduce occupational injuries and equalize employment opportunities for the hundreds of millions of jobs around the world that do not lend themselves to automation. With 30-plus years of innovation and development experience and an extensive patent portfolio, Sarcos is well-positioned to capture opportunities in massive labor markets to drive long-term growth.

The Company’s pending transaction with Rotor Acquisition corp. is expected to provide the company with up to $496 million in cash, before expenses and assuming no redemptions, to fund growth initiatives and enhance shareholder value, including:

  • Completing the commercialization and launch of its Guardian XO and XT products
  • Ramping up production to drive scale and growth
  • Increasing its capabilities through potential bolt-on acquisitions
  • Developing the Company’s AI platform

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