Our Products

At Sarcos Robotics, we're building solutions that save lives.

Meet Guardian S

A quantum leap forward in unmanned ground vehicles. Conquer the world’s most complex and hazardous terrain and transmit data long-range without personal risk.

Meet Guardian GT

Maximum strength, minimal effort. A human-controlled, dual-armed extension safely lifts up to 1,000 pounds with precisely controlled and natural, real-time arm movements.

Meet Guardian XO®

Coming soon: A triumph of possibility. Our untethered exoskeleton suit amplifies the wearer’s strength and endurance. Expand the realm of physical possibility, while reducing injury and fatigue.

Use Cases

With diverse and highly specialized capabilities, our robots offer safety, efficiency and certainty in the world’s most unpredictable environments.

Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Our leading-edge technology is now yours to employ. Learn how the first-in-class Guardian™ S can benefit your industry through our convenient RaaS program.