Guardian GT Specs

Guardian® GT


Mobile Robot

Robotic Arms
84” / 2134 mm (L)
Each arm: 750 lb (340 kg)
Lift Capacity
Two-arm maximum: 1000 lb (454 kg)
One-arm maximum: 500 lb (227 kg)1
Reach and workspace are dependent on the type of base selected
Degrees of Freedom (DOFs)
7 per arm
End Effectors
Permanent magnet-based end effector with controllable attractive force
Optional parallel jaw gripper with 2-DOF opposable thumb, comprising a 3 DOFs end effector
Custom end effectors can be designed for specific tasks
Hydraulically powered via onboard, self-contained, 3000 psi hydraulic power supply 10 HP (7.5 kW)
Customization Options
Dual-arm and excavator variant
Single-arm variant
Mobile Base
System is base-agnostic and can support a variety of off-the-shelf platforms (e.g., track, wheeled, elevated platform, diesel, gas, propane, or electric
System as Pictured (Track Base Model)
Mobile Base
Modified Ditch Witch SK850 track base
86” (D) × 42” (W) x 57” (H)
2190 mm (D) x 1065 mm (W) x 1450 mm (H)
Total system weight (two arms): 4600 lb (2086 kg)
Mobile base: 3100 lb (1406 kg)
84” (2133 mm) reach (forward and lateral) per arm
Yanmar® 3TNV88C diesel engine (3 cylinders/37 HP)
Operating Time
>7 hours on a full tank
Travels up to 4 mph

Controller Station3

96” (H) x 72” (W) x 48” (D)
2438 mm x 1829 mm x 1219 mm
Operator Controller
Operator controls the robotic arm motions via force-reflective controls
Controller-to-Robot Communication
  1. One-arm maximum lift of 500 lb when arms are proximal to mobile robot base; lift capacity decreases as arms extend away from base (e.g., 200 lb/91 kg throughout entire workspace).
  2. System speed is dictated by the mobile base selected; the 4mph speed applies only to the Ditch Witch track base; robot speed can be enhanced by selecting a different type of base.
  3. One-person controller configuration; please inquire if you have secondary controller or fiber optic communication needs.