Use Case Guardian S

Guardian® S: Use Cases

Conquer the world’s most complex and hazardous terrain and transmit long-range data, all without personal risk.

Built to Save Lives & Prevent Injuries

Intuitive to use, the Guardian S robot can reliably traverse challenging terrain, including climbing stairs or passing through narrow culverts and pipes.

Venturing Where No Human Can Go

The Guardian S robot can scale the inside and outside of storage tanks, pipes, maritime vessels, vehicles and other vertical surfaces while transmitting critical two-way data.

Tank Exhaust and Pollution Control System Inspection

When a closed manufacturing facility was scheduled for redevelopment under the Brownfields Program, the company needed a way to identify “types” and “quantities” of contaminants present...

Underground Tank Inspection

A leak detection alert was triggered from the bottom of an underground vaulted tank at a large manufacturing facility. It was not safe to enter the tank vault, though an inspection was necessary...

GE Dust Extraction System

The GE risk mitigation team was looking to replace the manual inspection process of having two employees on a scissor lift to examine the Dust Extraction System ducts...

Guardian S Robot In Action


  • Allows first responders to safely check readings from a distance. Reducing the amount of time HAZMAT professionals are exposed to dangerous environments.
  • Detects poisonous gas, radiation and other hazardous chemicals before professionals are deployed, making the difference between life and death
  • Completes observation and data collection functions with superior speed and precision
  • Saves time and money in case of false alarms

Public Safety, Special Operations, Search and Rescue

  • Easily portable at 17 pounds ideal for dismounted operations
  • Offers situational awareness, tactical operations support for missions with unparalleled run and surveillance time
  • Improves safety with stand off distances of up to 1200 feet
  • Traverses challenge terrain such as stairs, culverts, pipes, tanks, and vertical ferromagnetic surfaces
  • IR cameras assist with search, rescue and suspect identification
  • Searches for victims in collapsed or unstable structures, crawl spaces, under and over rubble, etc.
  • Remote sensing for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive materials (CBRNE)
  • High-res video inspection and two-way audio enables safe distance surveillance and communication

Industrial Inspection

  • Keeps workers safe while saving time and money. Accesses hard-to-reach spaces, senses hazardous materials, identifies compromised areas, facilitates routine inspections, and relays critical intelligence in the following fields:
    • Nuclear
    • Infrastructure: Utilities and Public Works
    • Industrial: NDT
    • Maritime
    • Bridges
    • Fire Protection


  • Increases stand-off distance from unknown or dangerous situations
  • Provides situational surveillance
  • Navigates indoors and out
  • Relays critical tactical intelligence to operator

Amazing, right?

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