Guardian® Sea Class

Guardian® Sea Class

Underwater Robotic Arm System

Underwater Mobile Manipulation

The Sarcos Guardian Sea Class underwater robotic arm system delivers human-like manipulation capabilities in complex and often dangerous underwater environments.


  • Power-efficient, electromechanical manipulators
  • 300m working depth for hours at a time
  • Flexible one1- or two-armed system can be teleoperated or controlled with optional supervised autonomous and semi-autonomous control
  • Modular design enables integration with existing inspection-class underwater vehicles

1 Manipulators are designed for neutral buoyancy at each link, enabling them to maintain a state of buoyancy and control regardless of configuration (i.e., one vs. two-armed).


  • Reduces the need to put divers into the water for light-work missions
  • Minimal training required for easy operation and deployment
  • Eliminates the added weight, size, expense, and oil leakage risks of hydraulic power unit (HPU) systems
  • Manipulators have fewer sealed surfaces than comparable hydraulic systems, reducing potential maintenance costs and the risk of system downtime due to failure

Exceptional Capabilities

  • Demonstrated 1000m+ working depth
  • Electronically driven, energy-saving system
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Single-arm or dual-arm configurations (6 DoF + gripper per arm)
  • Integrated gripper with semi-autonomous, tool-grasping capabilities for quick tool changes
  • Neutral buoyancy improves ROV/manipulator balance and control
  • Sealed design protects the electrical system from water ingress and contamination
  • Multi-level corrosion management system
  • Open architecture supports ROS communication protocols
    Designed to integrate with existing ROVs
  • Teleoperated control
  • Supervised autonomous and semi-autonomous capable

Industries and Applications

The Guardian Sea Class Underwater Robotic Arm System is dedicated to supporting maritime industries – shipbuilding, shipyard operations, and underwater inspection, repair, and maintenance with best-in-class, subsea robotic solutions.



Mine countermeasures, salvage, ship husbandry, and inspection


Oil & Gas

Inspection and maintenance of underwater pipelines



Underwater inspection and welding



Offshore wind inspection and maintenance

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