Guardian XO FAQ

Guardian® XO® Frequently Asked Questions



The exoskeleton can lift and manipulate up to 200 lb (90 kg) repeatedly without exertion, strain, or injury.

Yes. The Guardian XO exoskeleton has 24 degrees of freedom or rotational joints. The degrees of freedom in the shoulders allow the robot’s arms to be raised and lowered – front to back, as well as laterally – similar to the range of motion of human shoulders.

An operator in the exoskeleton can walk at about 3 mph (4.8 kph), an average walking pace for a human.

In order to navigate work areas, the exoskeleton is designed and tested to execute a single step-up or step-down on a 10” (25 cm) tall step.

The exoskeleton is designed so that the human operator bears none of the suit or payload weight. However, for better payload context and operational safety, a percentage of that weight can be optionally felt by the operator to offer a safer, more optimal operator experience.

Three hot-swappable lithium-ion batteries power the exoskeleton. This allows for near-continuous operation.

The exoskeleton is designed to operate near-continuously with hot-swappable batteries.

The exoskeleton batteries automatically charge when the suit docks in the XO® Pod Docking Station. An optional standalone charging station can charge batteries as well.

A quick-connect interface allows end-effectors to be connected or removed quickly and easily from the exoskeleton arms.

The exoskeleton is IP65 rated, which protects against dust ingress and water. This allows the exoskeleton to be exposed to rain and outdoor elements and cleaned with high-pressure water jets.

Yes. The exoskeleton has a hands-free mode allowing the operator to lock the suit’s arms. This feature enables the operator to use their human hands while simultaneously holding a heavy load, which effectively allows them to perform tasks that traditionally would take more than one person to accomplish.

The exoskeleton has an operator control interface (OCI) mounted on the arm, which interfaces with the suit’s control system. The OCI enables the operator to turn the robot on/off and view key diagnostic readings and alerts.

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