Guardian XO FAQ

Guardian® XO® Frequently Asked Questions



Appropriate work clothing, safety shoes, and standard PPE (e.g., head protection, gloves, eye, and hearing protection) as dictated should be worn when operating the exoskeleton.

When the exoskeleton detects a load weight that exceeds the 200 lb (90 kg) limit, it will generate both a visual and audible alert through the operator control interface (OCI) to notify the operator.

Yes, the Guardian XO is a wearable robot designed to operate safely in the proximity of other people. Like any piece of large mobile machinery or tool used where people are present, Sarcos recommends operating the robot in a specified workspace with ample safety clearance.

As a part of Guardian XO authorized operator training, users will receive instruction on how to safely operate the robot and exercises designed to help the operator accomplish various tasks with the suit.

The Guardian XO exoskeleton operates on three batteries, which can be recharged either by docking into the XO Pod docking station or via an optional standalone battery charging station. The XO Pod docking station requires a 30 A power supply and comes equipped with 120 V or 240 V power cables. The docking station requires a connection to a LAN or Wi-Fi network for periodic software updates and customer-prompted data retrieval.

Guardian XO operational data is stored locally on the robot and transferred to the XO Pod docking station when docked. Sarcos uses government encryption protocols to ensure the protection of operational data.

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