Guardian S Whitepaper: Powering Up the Power Sector

Power Engineering White Paper: Powering Up the Power Sector

In Power Generation, downtime is costly. Damaged or degraded assets can cause outages that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, requiring plant managers to stay focused on asset integrity through regular inspection and maintenance.

However, fully examining assets such as pipes and boilers can be challenging as they are often located in hard-to-reach areas, confined spaces or hazardous environments. Read this white paper to find out how multi-purpose inspection robots like the Sarcos Guardian S remote visual inspection robot are helping the Power sector reduce downtime while keeping employees safe.


“Now you can bring this inspection robot in and with the infra-red camera, you’d be able to pinpoint where that steam leak is coming from.” He adds, “Then you’d obviously know where to rope off to keep people away until you can shut down and it would also give you a jump on where the leak is to make sure you have the proper materials for repairs - that’s another advantage.” He says, “I think it’s one of those technologies that, when you have it in your hands and play with it, the use cases will just keep coming.”

– David Strubberg, Director of Innovation, Ameren Corp.