Guardian S

What happens if the Guardian S robot tips over during operation?

The unique design of the Guardian S robot allows it to roll left or right 360 degrees to avoid obstacles or right itself if it tips over. Additionally, an anti-roll feature automatically adjusts the robot’s movements to alleviate tipping over during motion.

How is the Guardian S robot powered?

Three (3) hot-swappable 14.4 V lithium-ion batteries power the Guardian S robot. The batteries can be fully charged in approximately three hours.

Who would benefit from using a Guardian S robot?

The Guardian S robot has broad applicability as a first-look RVI and surveillance tool for commercial, industrial, public safety, and defense applications. Companies involved in manufacturing, maritime, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, HVAC, mining, emergency first response and construction, among others, can benefit from the safety features and investigative efficiencies of the Guardian S […]

What is an RVI robot?

A remote visual inspection, or RVI, robot is a remotely controlled, mobile robot that employs cameras, sensors, and two-way communication to examine and gather data from environments that are confined, hazardous, or otherwise difficult to reach by a human inspection team.