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Enabling the Industrial Workforce
of the Future Through Robotics

Combining human intelligence, instinct, and judgment with robotic strength, endurance, and precision.

Over 30 Years of Research and Development
Sarcos Robotics is a global technology leader designing and producing dexterous robotic systems that prevent injury, save lives, and create new possibilities.

Sarcos Defense
Sarcos Defense identifies capability gaps and undertakes research and development efforts to transform Sarcos products into specialized, mission-ready solutions.

Meet Guardian® XT

Based on the upper-body of the innovative Guardian XO exoskeleton, the Guardian XT teleoperated robot performs intricate, and even dangerous, tasks that require human-like skill, all while keeping the operator out of harm’s way.

Meet Guardian® XM

Speed, dexterity, precision, and strength in a compact, lightweight package. With six degrees of freedom, an optimized strength-to-weight ratio, embedded intelligence, and sleek hardware, the Guardian robotic arm can be used for a variety of complex indoor and outdoor applications.

Meet Guardian® Sea Class

Providing human-like manipulation capability in complex underwater environments, the Guardian Sea Class underwater robotic arm system can reduce the need to put divers in the water--and explore depths that are unsafe for humans.

Meet Guardian® XO®

A triumph of possibility. Our full-body, battery-powered industrial exoskeleton augments operator strength without restricting freedom of movement to boost productivity while dramatically reducing injuries.

Working at Sarcos

A collection of the brightest minds in robotics, Sarcos is changing the approach to the most complicated and dangerous tasks facing the modern workplace. 

Explore our career opportunities, and start building tomorrow’s solutions today.