Hands On: Sarcos’ Iron Man-Style ‘Guardian’ Robots

Source: PC Mag  |

Sarcos Robotics is best known for its work on DARPA exoskeletons, but now it’s moving into the commercial realm with investors like Caterpillar, GE Ventures, and Microsoft.

I’m in a Salt Lake City technology research park standing behind a massive dual-armed industrial robot, the Guardian GT. It’s the size of an all-terrain vehicle with the outward appearance of an armored tank.

An engineer from Sarcos Robotics hands me a pair of safety glasses and a lab coat. I step onto the platform, slip my left hand into the electro-mechanical remote operator, curl my fingers around the trigger, and stand up strong and straight, ready to feel the force. I kick the release catch with my right foot and tense every muscle in my body.

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