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Construction is embracing automation

Source: ZDNet | Construction is embracing automation as legacy players team up with tech innovators Caterpillar, for example, recently invested in Sarcos, a robotics company with a line of exoskeletons that augment human strength. The market for construction robots is set to grow to $166.4 million by 2023, according to new research from Markets & […]

Robotics Maker Moves from War Machines to Powering Up Workforce

Source: Industry Week | Sarcos Robotics CEO Ben Wolff talks about how the company that started the 21st century as a military contractor, could soon give general contractors, and any industrial worker, super powers. The 35-year-old Sarcos Robotics is about to redefine how the toughest industrial jobs are done, although if you’ve heard of the Salt-Lake […]

Sarcos forms Exoskeleton Technical Advisory Group

Source: ZDNet | The industries represented suggest diverse applications for wearable robotic suits Sarcos Robotics, maker of human-driven, dexterous robots for industries like construction and infrastructure inspection, just announced the formation of an Exoskeleton Technical Advisory Group (X-TAG). The group will include executives from leading companies across industries like industrial manufacturing, automotive, aviation & aerospace, […]

BMW, GE, Delta And Others Want To Put Workers In This Crazy Exoskeleton

Source: Forbes | Big names including BMW, GE, Caterpillar and Delta Air Lines are collaborating on ways to give workers superpowers. Or at least powered full-body exoskeletons that can combine the strength, endurance and precision of machines with human intelligence and dexterity. On Wednesday Sarcos Robotics announced the creation of an Exoskeleton Technical Advisory Group (“X-TAG”) focused on […]

Modern Human Evolution: Are Superhumans the Next Iteration?

Source: NOW | Superpowered people. There’s a collective human fascination about the possibility, from the scores of sci-fi-driven movies hitting screens worldwide to the more rigorous scientific inquiry that aims to extend lifespans, cure diseases and enhance basic biological functions. When it comes to modern human evolution, have we reached the end of the line? […]

Top 20 Very Real Exoskeletons to Augment Your Workforce

Source: The New Equipment Digest | You wouldn’t constantly run a piece of machinery if it’s smoking and squealing, so don’t  overexert your body on the job because you’re afraid to ask for help. And just as no one wants a critical piece of machinery to go down and halt production while it’s being fixed, […]

The 11 best, worst, and weirdest robots of 2017

Source: The Verge | 2017: bad in general; pretty good for robots. That’s my summary anyway, and while I understand if you feel like I’m glossing over one or two important events, I would ask you to remember what those important events actually were. Not great, right? Best to concentrate on those bots, a least for […]

2017 was the year the robots really, truly arrived

Source: WIRED | The world seemed different this year, yes? Like something strange has been walking and rolling among us? Like we’re now sharing the planet with a new species of our own creation? Well, we are, because 2017 was the year that the robots really, truly arrived. They escaped the factory floor and started […]