POWERGEN International 2018 Video Flashback: Watch the Guardian S plant inspection robot

Source: PowerEngineering / March 28, 2019

It looks like a tank crossed with a train and yet is small and agile enough to get into tight spaces within the modern electric power plant.

James Dietrich, senior sales director for Sarcos, showed off the company’s new Guardian S inspection robot during POWERGEN International in Orlando. He highlighted the Guardian’s ability to be draped off your shoulder for quick positioning, be booted up in minutes and doing work for boiler inspections and other specific power plant needs.

“The robot is intended to access the confined space and other hazardous environments that you don’t want to send your human labor capital into,” Dietrich said. “We’ve got a robot that can do that for you.”

The Guardian can carry pounds of sensoring devices, while also utilizing a high-res camera with a 360-degree view in the plant.