This is the smartest robotics company in the world

Source:  ZDNet |

(and soon to be one of the most important)

Forget “the revolution.” Adoption of robots will only happen when startups team up with legacy heavyweights.

Sarcos Robotics, a Salt Lake City-based robotics company, has three new products at market or debuting soon.

One is a small robotic snake, useful for industrial tasks such as pipeline inspection or for first responders conducting search & rescue or tactical response operations. Another is a hulking two-armed tele-operated robot that can be used for heavy construction or in nuclear power plants. The third is an exoskeleton suit that allows workers to nimbly perform the functions of a forklift.

The technology is cool and worthy of the recent spate of coverage. But the really impressive thing about Sarcos is that its executive team seems to have figured out something that’s eluded countless other robotics developers: A bomb-proof go-to-market strategy.

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