Guardian GT Overview

Guardian® GT

Force-Multiplying Dexterous Robotic System

Meet Guardian GT

An award-winning, force-multiplying robotic system with one or two highly dexterous arms mounted on a track or wheeled base,
enabling a single operator to do more, safely.
From basic labor-saving tasks like heavy lifting, to intricate processes like welding and joining, the human-controlled industrial robot provides an unparalleled combination of dexterity and strength for the operator.

Guardian GT Robot Use Cases

Commercial & Industrial Applications

Creating new possibilities in industries such as nuclear reactor inspection and maintenance, petroleum, construction, and heavy equipment manufacturing.

First Responder & Logistics Applications

Revolutionizing palletizing and de-palletizing, loading and unloading supplies, shipboard and in-field logistics, erecting temporary shelters, equipment repairs, and more.

Disaster Recovery & Humanitarian Applications

Saving lives by assisting humans in disaster recovery and other forms of humanitarian assistance, such as Med-Evac and moving rocks and debris in a controlled manner.

Maximum Strength, Minimal Effort

Safety Meets Dexterity

Dual-armed system lifts payloads of up to 1,000 lbs, allowing the operator to move, transport and position heavy items reducing risk of personal injury

Robust & Easy to Operate

With the robotic arms acting as a natural extension of the operator’s real-world arm movements, minimal training is required

Controlled by Humans

Each 7-foot arm boasts 7 degrees of freedom, plus a task set-specific end effector that allows the operator to reach objects  four feet in front of the mobile platform

Unrivaled Power & Mobility

A modified COTS-tracked base can travel at 4 mph through the use of a diesel-fueled engine