Use Case Guardian GT

Use Cases: Guardian® GT

The Guardian GT robot combines the human ability to operate in complex and unstructured environments with the strength, stamina, repeatability, precision and speed of robots.

Offering Strength Where It's Needed Most

A human-controlled, force-multiplying robotic system with one or two highly dexterous arms mounted on a track or wheeled base, allows a single operator to do more, safely.

Helping Humans Do More

From basic labor-saving tasks like heavy lifting, to more intricate processes like welding and joining, it multiplies individual effectiveness and adds leverage to human capabilities.

Guardian GT in Real Life


Shipbuilding, Petroleum, Manufacturing

  • Handles heavy materials, including sheet metal, for fabrication
  • Welds,  grinds, cuts and applies protective coatings
  • Moves and places heavy-weight components
  • Remote tele-operated for nuclear reactor inspection and maintenance


Inventory Mgmt., Warehousing, Production

  • Palletizes and de-palletizes inventory
  • Loads, unloads and transports supplies
  • Erects temporary shelters
  • Repairs and exchanges equipment

Public Safety

Disaster Recovery, Government, Transportation

  • Provides humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes
  • Moves heavy rocks and debris in a controlled manner
  • Cuts, drills, crimps or manipulates debris into small forms for removal
  • Creates access points for safe entry
  • Erects temporary shelters and assists with Med-Evac