Guardian Sea Class Robot

Guardian® Sea Class Robotic Arm

The Guardian Sea Class robotic system provides human-like manipulation capability in complex underwater environments. Whether used for commercial applications, industrial tasks, or military operations, the system can reduce the need to put divers in the water--and explore depths that are unsafe for humans. An electromechanical system that can stay submerged for up to two hours at a time, it remains fully operational in depths up to 1 kilometer. The system is designed to be operated with one or two identical arms that can be teleoperated with the Imitative Controller (IC) or optional autonomous and semi-autonomous control. The electromechanical system’s low-power stand-by state enables the use of mobile power sources and helps extend run time for enhanced productivity.


  • Electronically driven, energy-saving system
    • Eliminates the added weight, size, and expense of hydraulic power unit (HPU) systems
    • With fewer sealed surfaces than comparable hydraulic systems, the Guardian Sea Class system significantly lowers maintenance costs and the risk of system downtime due to failure.
  • Lightweight, compact design allows for a smaller “footprint,” or volume, in constricted or precarious environments
  • Two symmetrical six-degree-of-freedom arms
    • Identical arms improve modularity and reduce training requirements for service and repair
  • Neutral buoyancy improves ROV/manipulator balance and control
  • Closed, sealed design protects the electrical system from water ingress
  • Integrates with underwater vehicles from major manufacturers

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