Guardian XM Robot

Guardian® XM

The Guardian XM intelligent manipulator offers speed, dexterity, precision, and strength in a compact, lightweight package. With six degrees of freedom, an optimized strength-to-weight ratio, embedded intelligence, and a sleek hardware design that can withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions (IP66), the Guardian XM robot can be used for a variety of complex outdoor and indoor applications. It is compatible with Sarcos autonomy platforms, enabling autonomous mobile manipulation in structured environments, such as in a factory with controlled lighting, and in unstructured environments like outdoor construction sites. When human-in-the-loop control is required, the Guardian XM robot can be integrated with the Imitative Controller.


  • Enhanced for mobile manipulation:
    • Optimized strength-to-weight ratio
    • Powered with low-voltage DC embedded computing and intelligence = no external control box required, minimizing footprint
    • Low profile and hardened mechanical design is resilient to shock and vibration, indoors and outdoors
  • Standard power and communication interfaces allow for fast and easy integration with 3rd party tools and sensors (Ethernet Pass-Through and EtherCAT available)
  • Standard end effector interface
    • Allows for the integration of a wide variety of end-of-arm tools
  • Rugged hardware is tolerant to extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, and the corrosive effects of salt spray
  • Six degrees of freedom, including continuous wrist and elbow roll joints, allow end effectors to have precise placement
  • Capable of performing autonomous manipulation using Detect multi-modal computer vision software and Intellect multi-algorithm AI software.

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