Guardian XM Robot

Guardian® XM

Intelligent Manipulator Robot

Mobile Manipulation

The Sarcos Guardian XM robot is an intelligent manipulator offering speed, dexterity, precision, and strength in a compact, lightweight package.


  • Six degrees of freedom
  • Optimized strength-to-weight ratio
  • Embedded intelligence
  • Sleek hardware design that can withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions (IP66)



Semi-Autonomous & Supervised Autonomy Functionality

The Guardian XM robot is compatible with proprietary Sarcos software and autonomy algorithms, enabling semi-autonomous and supervised autonomous mobile manipulation in structured and unstructured environments.

When human-in-the-loop control is required, the robot can be integrated with Sarcos controllers.

Exceptional Capabilities

  • Enhanced for mobile manipulation:
    • Optimized strength-to-weight ratio
    • Powered with low-voltage DC
    • Embedded computing and intelligence require no external control box, minimizing footprint
  • Low profile and hardened mechanical design is resilient to shock and vibration, indoors and outdoors
  • Available with torque sensing and control at each joint
  • Integrated power and communications for fast communication and easy integration with 3rd party tools and sensors (EtherCAT and Ethernet pass-through available)
  • Rugged outer shell is tolerant to harsh environmental conditions, such as precipitation, condensation, and salt spray
  • Six degrees of freedom, including continuous wrist and elbow roll joints, allowing end effectors to deliver precision placement
  • Capable of performing semi-autonomous manipulation using Sarcos software

Industries and Applications

The Guardian XM robot is ready-made to integrate across a wide range of industries and into various environments, often hazardous, where worker safety, efficiency, and adaptability are paramount.


Surface Preperation

Mechanical paint removal operations such as plasma ablation, grinding, laser ablation, media blasting, as well as the use of power tools and high-pressure equipment


Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, and Food Processing

Pipe maintenance and repair


Heavy Manufacturing

Overhead heavy tools work, heavy metal welding/cutting, painting, and pre-commissioning NDT inspections



Shipbuilding, maintenance, and repair


Distribution and Warehousing

At-height pick and pack, operational maintenance, and repair


Construction & Logistics

Overhead and at-height heavy tools work and bridge building/repair

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