Robot as a Service

Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Our innovative RaaS offering makes the Guardian® XO® full-body, powered exoskeleton more accessible for use across a broad range of industries

Who can benefit from RaaS

 Offered via a Robot as a Service (RaaS) lease, the Guardian XO full-body, powered exoskeleton delivers multiples of an individual employee’s productivity for the cost of a single employee while reducing costly occupational injuries, creating a clear and compelling return on investment for customers.

RaaS robotic exoskeleton leasing is an economical option for the industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, maritime, construction, automotive, military & defense, distribution & warehousing, aviation, and aerospace sectors – anywhere humans perform dangerous tasks.

Flexible Business Model:

  • Subscription-based service model with one-, two- and three-year lease term options allows organizations to shift their CAPEX to OPEX
  • Enables organizations to quickly scale up or down in response to changing market conditions and client needs
  • Allows organizations of all sizes to leverage robotic technology through lower cost of entry
  • Includes the convenience of ongoing maintenance, support, and software upgrades

Superior ROI:

  • Increases an individual employee’s productivity four- to eightfold for the cost of a single employee (measured in a single shift, when completing the same tasks), while reducing costly occupational injuries
  • Minimizes production downtime by facilitating fast implementation and changeovers
  • Supports consistent productivity by equalizing workers’ physical capabilities, with the potential to increase the longevity of an aging workforce