Guardian® XO® Whitepapers

Guardian® XO® White Papers

Complex problems call for specialized solutions. Download these white papers to deep dive into discovering how Sarcos robots can help your business be safer and more productive.

Human Augmentation
IDC Technology Spotlight: Robotics for Human Augmentation: Envisioning the Future of Work and Operations
When the extensive capabilities of robotics are combined with human cognitive capacities, the future of work and operations blends into a new era of functional intelligence.
Logistics/Materials Handling
Modern Materials Handling: Putting Full-Body, Powered Exoskeletons to Work in Fulfillment Operations
When heavy, bulky items need to be handled, it often comes down to brute force and risk of injury. This creates a need for agile lifting solutions. Powered exoskeletons are stepping in to fill this gap.
Construction Dive: How Powered Exoskeletons Can Alleviate 4 Key Construction Pain Points
Construction firms need ways to address labor shortages, productivity shortfalls, injury costs, and margin-fade. Robotic exoskeletons provide comprehensive solutions to all of those problems in a cost-effective, easy-to-use technology.

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