Ameren Boiler Inspection

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"With safety in the front of our minds at all times, one of the best ways to mitigate a hazard is preventing a coworker from dealing with it in the first place. The Guardian S robot does that by going into confined spaces in place of a person. That’s a plus in my eyes.”

– David Strubberg, Director of Innovation, Ameren Corp.

Ameren Boiler Inspection

Ameren Missouri, a large utility and power generation company in the Midwest, wanted to improve maintenance planning and inspection efficacy. Using the Sarcos Guardian S remote visual inspection robot, Ameren was able to capture high-quality visual data that provided an accurate assessment of boiler conditions in their power plants. As a result, Ameren achieved:

Faster Inspection

  • Waterwall: reduced by 16-32 hours
  • Boiler leak: reduced by 2-4 days

Optimized Planning

  • Real-time & post-mission visual data-optimized inspection and maintenance resource planning