Robotic Solutions: Construction

Advanced robotics, combining technology with human dexterity and cognition, supporting the construction industry workforce.

The Challenge

As one of the fastest-growing industries globally, construction is expected to contribute 13.5% of the global GDP by 2030. Due to unprecedented levels of government stimulus, and the acceleration of infrastructure project pipelines, the industry is facing unique challenges as it tries to cater to this demand. Additionally, there are over 375,000 unfilled construction jobs in the US alone, as of July 2022. Over 40% of the U.S. construction workforce is expected to retire in the next decade, and fewer young workers are taking up construction as a career.

Construction work is physically demanding and often requires repetitive, labor-intensive tasks for long hours with limited breaks. This can result in higher worker fatigue and increased injuries due to working with heavy workloads, large equipment, and performing work at height in often dangerous and unstructured environments.

New strategies and technologies are critical to meet construction industry needs and increase worker productivity while reducing fatigue and injury. Construction companies need innovations that provide a safe environment for workers while increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

This is where Sarcos robotic solutions can help.

The Solution

Sarcos offers robotic solutions designed to help with difficult workloads and to execute tasks at height in unstructured environments. Advanced robotic solutions and software from Sarcos work alongside humans, combining technology with human dexterity and cognition to complement their physical labor abilities.

For those seeking a solution to:

  • Handle heavy materials
  • Prepare surfaces at height
  • Install sheetrock
  • Paint and/or coat walls and structures
  • Construct formwork

Sarcos has the technology solutions and integrated software to deliver. Whether teleoperated or via semi-autonomous operation, the Guardian® XT™ and Guardian® XM robotic solutions are made to assist with construction site challenges. Routine or repetitive tasks may benefit from a semi-autonomous robotic system to enhance worker safety and increase efficiency. At the same time, teleoperation may be required for highly variable or complex applications in highly unstructured environments that require more flexibility and human expertise, and decision-making capabilities. Our team will work with you to identify the optimal robotic solution tailored to the specific requirements of your construction application.

The Guardian XT Teleoperated Dexterous Robot

Advantages and Capabilities

The Guardian XT is a highly dexterous mobile manipulation robot that combines robotic strength and precision with human judgment and ingenuity via teleoperation for enhanced safety in dangerous, complex, and unstructured environments. This robotic system can be utilized in the construction industry to keep humans out of harm’s way while maximizing productivity for a wide range of use cases.

Key Benefits

  • Increase worker safety and reduce or eliminate potentially life-altering injuries and other events from at height and other dangerous/hazardous conditions.
  • Augment the workforce and increase workload capacity per individual worker, in volume and endurance, while reducing labor turnover rates.
  • Reduce worker fatigue while maximizing productivity by handling and manipulating heavy tools with a payload capacity of up to 100 lb per arm and the ability to support 2 arms for up to 200 lb.

Key Applications

  • At height and confined spaces surface preparation tasks such as sanding and finishing
  • Painting
  • Insulation installation
  • Drilling, grinding, cutting

The Guardian XM Intelligent Manipulator Robot

Advantages and Capabilities

The Guardian XM mobile manipulation robot offers speed, dexterity, and precision and can be teleoperated or used under supervised autonomy. It can be used in unstructured environments and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions, as is the case in the construction industry, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases.

The Guardian XM helps operators work in conjunction with a robotic system to tackle complex and dangerous tasks that are more repetitive in nature. Or, if you work in unstructured physical spaces involving a high repetition set of operating patterns, the Guardian XM allows you to leverage the advantages of robotic precision and automation while allowing human experts to supervise workflow for decision-making, error handling, and error recovery.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize worker productivity and efficiency through supervised autonomy, allowing skilled workers to multi-task or gain efficiencies through workforce amplification
  • Dramatically improves worker safety
  • Reduce construction-related work injuries and worker fatigue
  • Offsets the ongoing skilled labor shortage in the construction industry
  • Widens the aperture of the labor pool from an age, gender, and physical fitness perspective and increases worker retention


  • At-height, overhead, confined spaces, tool handling, and repair
  • Heavy materials handling and sequencing
  • Sanding, finishing, painting, and coating


Sarcos solutions can help democratize the construction industry’s work crew by enabling more people to do physically demanding work while reducing injuries, increasing safety, and empowering workers to perform dangerous, physical, and repetitive tasks seamlessly and efficiently. The design of the Guardian XT and Guardian XM robotic systems is based on more than 30 years of research and innovation in biomechanics, creating a seamless marriage between humans and machines.