Guardian XO

What is Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

RaaS is a subscription-based service model allowing operations to shift their CAPEX to OPEX and provides a lower cost of entry. Sarcos takes care of all the maintenance, support, and software upgrades. Learn more about RaaS.

Where is Guardian XO exoskeleton data stored?

Guardian XO operational data is stored locally on the robot and transferred to the XO Pod docking station when docked. Sarcos uses government encryption protocols to ensure the protection of operational data.

What are the utility requirements for operating the Guardian XO exoskeleton?

The Guardian XO exoskeleton operates on three batteries, which can be recharged either by docking into the XO Pod docking station or via an optional standalone battery charging station. The XO Pod docking station requires a 30 A power supply and comes equipped with 120 V or 240 V power cables. The docking station requires […]

Can the Guardian XO exoskeleton operate within proximity of people?

Yes, the Guardian XO is a wearable robot designed to operate safely in the proximity of other people. Like any piece of large mobile machinery or tool used where people are present, Sarcos recommends operating the robot in a specified workspace with ample safety clearance.