How many cameras are on the Guardian S robot?

The base model of the Guardian S robot is equipped with six (6) 4K color cameras, providing 360-degree continuous imaging capability. Additional cameras, including an infrared camera can be added for additional cost.

How maneuverable is the Guardian S robot?

The unique flexible design of the Guardian S robot allows it to sidewind and bend in the center, up to a C-shape, allowing it to climb steep terrain and navigate around corners. The magnetic version of the Guardian S can climb ferromagnetic walls.

What happens if the Guardian S robot tips over during operation?

The unique design of the Guardian S robot allows it to roll left or right 360 degrees to avoid obstacles or right itself if it tips over. Additionally, an anti-roll feature automatically adjusts the robot’s movements to alleviate tipping over during motion.

How is the Guardian S robot powered?

Three (3) hot-swappable 14.4 V lithium-ion batteries power the Guardian S robot. The batteries can be fully charged in approximately three hours.