From Sophia to SpotMini, the coolest robots that made 2017 awesome

Source: International Business Times |

Whether you hate them for threatening your jobs or love them for handling a range of tasks, robots have become that quintessential part of our lives which can be ignored for a while but not completely written off.

Well, 2017 is coming to an end and it is the ideal time go back and see which machines got smarter or nailed some really complicated tasks this year — things that we never thought could be done in a better way.

So, here goes our list:

Guardian GT — the heavy lifter

If the job is solely about heavy-lifting, Sarcos robotics’ Guardian GT is the one to call. The machine packs two 7ft long dexterous arms mounted on a track or wheeled base. A human controller with or without adequate training can then easily use these arms to perform delicate manoeuvres and lift as much as 450kg of load without breaking a sweat. The robot could also be used to take on dangerous tasks such as cleaning toxic waste or intricate processes like welding and joining. As Sarcos notes on its website, Guardian GT really “multiplies individual effectiveness and adds leverage to human capabilities”.

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